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Bruce Schonfeld


Bruce Schonfeld

Certified Advanced Rolfer   

B.A. English, Psychology Minor, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Director/Producer of the Documentary Film Series: The Secret Life of Fascia

Bruce Schonfeld was Certified in Rolfing Structural Integration in 1994 through the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute. He has trained extensively with Dr. Rolf’s heirs Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson, and Jim Asher including completing the Advanced Rolfing Training three times. Bruce has studied Visceral Manipulation through the Barral Institute since 1997 including 300+ contact hours directly with Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. as well as considerable training with Alain Croibier D.O., and Gail Wetzler PT. Bruce has studied Craniosacral Therapy since 1994 with the Upledger, Milne and Colorado Craniosacral Institutes.

Bruce has organically developed and taught Continuing Education classes in Structural Integration and Fascial Integration since 1996. His Fascial Integration classes are offered internationally and through the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. Essentially a systems anatomy approach to Structural Integration, Fascial Integration bridges the anatomical gap between the musculoskeletal, membranous, and visceral systems. With an emphasis on systems thinking, clinical reasoning, and hands-on myofascial manipulation techniques, Fascial Integration can be thought of as Structural Integration meets Visceral Manipulation.

Bruce has studied with and had considerable work from Peter Levine PhD, the Founder of Somatic Experiencing. Bruce’s interest in somatic psychology, client-centered therapy, and the therapeutic container have underscored his lifelong learning focused on the whole person experience. To that effect, including biopsychosocial dynamics in one’s clinical reasoning tends to positively impact best outcomes.

Bruce specializes in helping clients with pain and/or orthopedic problems and maintains a private practice in Santa Monica California.

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