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Diane Lee


Diane Lee   Physiotherapist

University of British Columbia

Clinical Specialist in Women's Health

Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy

Certified Practitioner of Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS)

Diane is a graduate of the University of British Columbiain (UBC) in the field of rehabilitation medicine. She is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (CAMT), certified practitioner of intramuscular stimulation (Gunn IMS) and certified by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as a clinical specialist in Women’s Health. She was an instructor and chief examiner for CAMT for over 20 years. Diane is also the owner, director, and a practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates, a private multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in South Surrey, BC, Canada. In addition, she is the principle instructor of Learn with Diane Lee. With respect to research, she continues to investigate the behaviour of the abdominal wall in women with diastasis rectus abdominis.

She is well published (books, chapters and journal articles) and the innovator of two pelvic support belts for which she holds the patent——The Com-Pressor and the Baby Belly Pelvic Support.

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