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About the Congress

Announcement of the 1st Asia Fascia Congress

The Asia Fascia Congress is the first international congress in Asia with the aim to bring the latest researches in Fascia. The Congress will present a great variety of fascia topics including, first of all, clinical, sport and therapeutic innovations. The Congress as the aim to satisfy the requests of all the Asian and Oceania countries that want to improve their knowledge in fascia, but did not have the possibilities to attend the Fascia Research Congress yet. The Congress will be an excellent occasion for anatomists, clinicians, physicians, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, athletic sports training, yoga and fitness practitioners and all the health care professions who are dealing with the human body.

In recent years, fascial knowledge has been greatly spread in China. More and more doctors, therapists, professionals from sports and fitness, and health care have starting to understand the role of fascia in biomechanics and physiology of human body. It is of great significance to host a Fascia Congress in this part of the world for the first time.

There are many similarities between fascia continuity and Chinese meridians. The meridian principles are the main theoretical basis for acupuncture treatment. Tai Chi and Baduanjin are very popular way of exercises in China, which are also very good fascial practice methods. More and more Chinese acupuncturists, sports and health practitioners, traditional medical doctors will be able to understand and learn the critical role of fascia in our body. We hope that this Congress will achieve this ambitious project, because there is a huge need of Fascia-related research not only in China but in all this part of the world.

The Congress will be held in Hainan, China from April 22th to April 25th 2022. We have selected the following theme “Fascia: the connective tissue that connects east and west medicine" that better explain the critical role of fascia in merge two medicines. On April 23th and 24th, plenary, from international speakers, and parallel sessions, that will include submitted abstracts presentations, will be presented. The topics of the parallel sessions will include research, movement and sports, acupuncture and traditional medicine, therapies, wellness, and fascia in woman health.

Around 900 participants, including 300 from overseas, will be expected. The Congress is mainly organized by the Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College and Hainan Rehabilitation Medicine Association, co-organized by Guangzhou Bicom Kinetic Medicine Co., Ltd and Fascia Manipulation® Association, supported by China Institute of Sport Science, Physiotherapy Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine and Non-drug Therapy Institute of China Association for Research and Advancement of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Starting in 2018, Hainan government implement the visa-free policy for inbound tourists from 59 countries, with the ambitions to build the first-rank international medical tourism destination. With blue sea and sky, white sandy beach, green coconut grove, beautiful Hainan warmly welcome people from all over the world to attend the 1st Asia Fascia Congress!

Asia Fascia Congress




Ø April 21-22: Fascia Dissection Courses

Ø April 22: Pre-Congress Workshops

Ø April 23-24: Congress

Ø April 25: Post-Congress Workshops